Power Pin Inc.
598 - Second Street East
Box 1548
Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask. SOG 1S0
"To provide farmers with a one trip tractor-implement draw bar coupling that is safer and more convenient than the old system".

June 2014
Gold Innovation Award
Hit-N-Hitch Product Line
Canada Farm Progress Show
June 2013
Sterling Innovation Award for Hit-N-Hitch Pintle Canada Farm Progress Show
October 2008
Finalist Sask. Chamber of Commerce awards for" Exporter of the year" award and "Business Leader of the Year"
June 2008
Western Canada Farm Show
first inductee 'Power Pin Wall of Fame'
September 1997
Readers' Choice Award
Farm Industry News Publication
October 1992
ABEX Finalist
"Best New Saskatchewan Venture"

Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce
Regina, Saskatchewan
October 1991
ABEX Finalist
"Best New Saskatchewan Product"
"Best New Saskatchewan Venture"

Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
September 1991
Best of Show, Indoor Exhibit
Big Iron Farm Show
Fargo, North Dakota
September 1990
Manning Award for Innovation
Vancouver, British Columbia
July 1989
Chosen by PIMA to represent Saskatchewan Inventors Showcase,
"Canada Day Celebrations"
Ottawa, Ontario
July 1989
First Inventors Showcase
Klondike Days
Edmonton, Alberta
January 1989
Most Innovative Product Award
North Dakota AG Exposition
Minot, North Dakota
June 1988
Best New Invention
Western Canada Farm Progress Show
Regina, Saskatchewan
Executive Summary
Power Pin Inc. is a privately held company and has been incorporated for over 25 years. We are a company with steady manageable growth and carry no debt.

As proud as we are of our awards and our products, we are prouder of the way we have achieved our goals by having the highest business ethics. Much of our growth is based on key alliances with long term partners namely Canadian Tool & Die Ltd., and Standens Limited.

We look forward to establishing additional key alliances with on-road partners for future growth.

Mr. Brian Olson
Power Pin Inc.
August, 2013

Farm Industry News 1997
Readers' Choice Awards

The background of Power Pin Inc.

This project was started by a farmer in 1988 and the company has grown to be the "Worlds largest supplier of tractor-implement draw bar hitching components."
Adding features, simplifying designs and removing costs!
Power Pin supplies a Standardized One-Trip Tractor Implement Drawbar Connection that makes hooking up to farm implements convenient and easy.
Our Drop-Pin Hammerstrap is standard factory equipment on most large tractors in North America.
View video to learn more about Power Pin Inc. and see how our New On-Road Hit-N-Hitch Products will work for you!

Power Pin Drawbar, Hammerstrap and Implement Ring Hitch

View HIT-N-HITCH Pintle as seen on the Prairie Farm Report

Download the Hit N Hitch Product Brochure

Cost Effective Hassle Free Solution to Trailer Theft
The new on-road trailer ring hitch offers an "integral locking feature" that offers a cost effective locking plate that can be lifted, swiveled and locked into the trailer ring to help prevent trailer theft. This is a huge customer benefit as the optional locking plate is always on the trailer ring and not misplaced. An off the shelf padlock provides a secure lock. This method allows the customer to always have a cost effective padlock with multiple keys.

Offset Mounting Holes Allows for Additional Height Adjustment
The off-set mounting holes in the smaller 12.5 TON & 20 TON designs provide additional height adjustment for less cost to the manufacturer, as the ring hitch can be turned over allowing for additional height adjustment. Our 20 TON has an industry first, off-set three holes for greater strength and adjustment.

Automatic Locking Trailer Ball Hitch
Power Pin has introduced the first automatic locking trailer ball hitch. The half moon locking plate pivots around the truck ball as the truck jack is lowered and the locking plate handle locks when the locking plate is completely in the trailer receiver. The ultimate in simplicity!

Truck Ball/Ring Combo
This one design works to pull a ball hitch on a trailer and a pintle ring hitch on another trailer, saving the operator the hassle of changing hitches to match different trailers! Power Pin has simplified the design and removed cost by adding a simple locking feature on the pintle ring hitch.

Adjustable Heavy Duty Mount Bracket
The "NEW" Heavy Duty 12 TON Mount Bracket is easily adjusted for various heights. Simply loosen the 4 bolts, adjust to the height you require and then secure the bolts. This adjustable heavy duty truck tube is available for the Ball/Ring Combo Flat Mount Pintle and the 12 TON Flat Mount Hit-N-Hitch Pintle.

Click each tab to view part numbers and drawings

Hit N Hitch
Trailer Ring Hitch
Ball & Ring Combo

Click the images below to view detailed diagrams of each hitch.


AG Implement Ball Hitches
Adapt to different draw pin sizes.

(As shown 1/2 turn of the ball removes/replaces)
AG Clevis Ring Implement Hitch
Hassle free from a "clevis" hitch to a
"ring" hitch in one easy step.

RING Hitch

For additional information on AG Implement Hitches, contact:
Mr. Gary LaRocque
Implement Hitch Specialist
Cell: (306) 331-0434
Email: powpin3@sasktel.net

Implement Hitches distributed to Shortline Manufacturers by Canadian Tool & Die Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba www.ctd.ca


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